Hello! At Cactus & Fern, we know toddlers are natural scientists, explorers, and discoverers. We believe in fostering this natural ability by preparing materials and experiences for toddlers and their parents to discover the world together, one theme at a time. By striving to ignite all areas of a toddler's unique cognitive development, we understand a lifelong love of learning begins in the earliest years. Each Montessori inspired discovery box includes materials which aids and refines your toddler’s: 

Language development

Correspondence/matching skills

Fine motor skills

Gross motor skills

Practical life skills

Toddler Discovery Boxes:

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New Release! Getting Ready for Baby Discovery Box:

Your toddler will go goo-goo gah-gah for this discovery box as he prepares for baby: learning to dress and bathe baby, expanding his vocabulary for objects, activities, and emotions associated with having a new baby in the home, and practicing to refine big toddler movement in order to safely interact with baby when she arrives.

Autumn Discovery Box

Your toddler will fall for this discovery box as she explores the season, learning the language, colors, activities, and, even, the tastes associated with autumn.

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Weather Discovery Box

Your toddler will be all sunshine with this discovery as she learns and identifies various weather elements and explores the characteristics and effects of weather.